Fix Taskeng.exe Error – Troubleshoot Taskeng.exe Error on Computer System

Taskeng.exe, also named Task Scheduler Engine, is an executable file of the Microsoft® Windows® Vista Operating System that designed by the Microsoft Corporation. It is mainly used to run the certain process at pre-defined times. Default location of this file is in “C:Windowssystem32″ folder, due to some adverse situations, this file sometimes results in corrupted, and cause the troublesome taskeng.exe error on your computer. And you will receive such similar error messages on your PC: [I]

“The file taskeng.exe is missing.”
“A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available” [/I] [URL=""][ATTACH=CONFIG]36[/ATTACH][/URL][SIZE=4]Negatives impacts after encountering the error problem[/SIZE]

Annoying error pop-ups. No matter how you try to avoid this error message, you will constantly receive the similar taskeng.exe error message on your computer, which will disturb you doing anything on the computer.

Ineffective performance of the computer system. When the error keeps on your computer, it will seriously affect the computer running speed, and make the required files and programs cannot be activated instantly. And it will also probably cause other DLL or EXE errors on your computer. [SIZE=4]

How can fix taskeng.exe error on computer easily?

[/SIZE] [SIZE=3]Update your Windows system or drivers. [/SIZE]

Outdated issues is the general cause for those various errors occurring on the computer, instantly updating your Windows system and drivers is not only the important step for you to maintain the effective performance of the computer system, but also the step that help you to avoid those registry errors which easily triggered by the outdated system or drivers.

Therefore, if one or both of the two things on your computer gets outdated and the error problem just happen on your PC, you should try to update your system and drivers with the associated utility or a third party program, and restart your computer and check whether the problem can be solved. If not, try the following method.

Note, Windows system and drivers are two essential parts on the computer, no matter your computer encounters the taskeng.exe error problem or not, you should get a real-time update for them to improve your computer performance. [SIZE=3]

Set the Task Scheduler Engine automatically start up on your PC[/SIZE]

Sometimes, this error problem just happens when there are still some scheduled tasks executing on your computer while you are shutting down your computer system. So, to fulfill the requirements from these tasks, you should set the task scheduler service automatically start up on your PC.

Specific steps:

[*]Click on the “Start” — “Search ” — type “services ” — “Enter”
[*]Scroll down to Task Scheduler — select “Properties”
[*]Make sure the task scheduler service is set to run automatically
[URL=""][ATTACH=CONFIG]36[/ATTACH][/URL][SIZE=3]Perform a fix for registry issues on computer system [/SIZE]

Registry issue fix is also an important step and effective solution for you to get rid of those various errors on your computer, for that system registry is a place that store numerous crucial files which comes from those installed applications ans system, any of your improper operation on the computer will easily cause serious error problems on your computer, therefore, you can try to fix taskeng.exe error through fixing those registry issues detected from your computer system.

As a matter of fact, besides powerful antivirus program, registry error fix tool is anther necessary program that you should install on your computer, it contains the powerful abilities in completely scanning your system, finding and fixing all of detected registry issues on your computer. Therefore, to fix taskeng.exe error, it is suggested to invite a registry error fix tool, this problem will be solved effectively, and other registry problems also can solved well at the same time.

Specific steps to fix the error:
[*][URL=""]Download and install an advanced registry fix tool[/URL] on your PC
[*]Launch it to scan your computer system
[*]Select all of detected registry problems, click on the fix button
[*]Restart the computer system after the fix job.

[SIZE=4]Extended knowledge:
[*][URL=""]Windows Task Scheduler[/URL]
[*][URL=""]How To Schedule Tasks in Windows XP[/URL]

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