Mscorwks.dll Error Problem – How can Fix Mscorwks.dll Error Easily and Instantly

[SIZE=3]Description of the file[/SIZE]
The mscorwks.dll module is developed by Microsoft Corporation as a component of the Microsoft .NET Framework software program, which is the commercial implementation of the standard Common Language Infrastructure. The file inside this program play the important role of offering a lot of pre-coded solutions and libraries to the requirements of common applications, and managing the operation of applications which are specifically written for the framework.

[I]“Mscorwks.dll Not Found”
“This application failed to start because mscorwks.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
“Cannot find [PATH]mscorwks.dll”[/I]
[/URL]When you encounter the mscorwks.dll error problem at the first time, you will see this similar error message pops up on your computer screen, and also stop you opening the associated program and using the related services, and if the error problem cannot be solved instantly, you will get more other troubles on the use of computer, for instance:

[*]You will receive the error message very frequently
[*]Programs and the whole computer operate very slowly
[*]System sometimes get crash undesirably
[*]Computer encounters blue screen error
[*]Other system error problems also appear

[SIZE=4]Why the error problem appear on the computer [/SIZE]

The error problem can be triggered by different situations, analyzing the error message and specific computer situation firstly can help people to find the proper resolution faster. Generally speaking, the error problem is often caused by the following circumstances:

[*]Removal or corruption of the mscorwks DLL file
[*]Related registry problem which affects the file performance
[*]Hardware failure
[*]Drive outdated issue
[*]Threats and virus infection problem
[URL=""][ATTACH=CONFIG]44[/ATTACH][/URL][SIZE=4]How can fix mscorwks.dll error with ease[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]Replace the DLL file manually on computer[/SIZE]

Download and install the file on computer to replace the old one can effectively solve the mscorwks.dll error problem which is caused by the corrupted or missing mscorwks.dll file.

[*]Step 1 – Download a new file from the Internet
[*]Step 2 – Click on “Start” menu, click “Computer”, and “C:” drive
[*]Step 3 – While go into the drive, click to open “Windows” folder, and “System32″ folder
[*]Step 4 – Paste the file on its original program, if the previous one exist, you can change the name of the file for backup
[*]Step 5 – open the Start menu again, and “Run”
[*]Step 6 – Type “cmd” and press Enter, and “regsvr32 mscorwks.dll” and Enter

By default, this file locates in different places fo different computer system:

Windows® 95/98/Me: C:\Windows\SystemWindows NT/2000: C:\WINNT\System32Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7: C:\Windows\System32
64-bit version of Windows: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\

[SIZE=3]Clean out infected virus and register the DLL file again[/SIZE]

Malicious virus is usually a dangerous attacker for the computer system, once sneaking to the computer, it can easily steal your personal information, weaken your computer security, and damage many system files like mscorwks.dll, so it is necessary to check your computer system and clean out those infected viruses from your computer as soon as possible.

After cleaning out those viruses, you should register the DLL file again on your computer via following the tutorials bellowed:

[*]One – click on Start menu, and click Run
[*]Two – type Regsvr32 “C:\Windows\System32\mscorwks.dll” on the box, and press Enter

In this way, you will be able to register the file on the Windows system
[URL=""][ATTACH=CONFIG]44[/ATTACH][/URL][SIZE=3]Fix registry errors[/SIZE]

If the above way cannot help you to solve the error problem effectively, you will need to check your computer system for registry errors, and repair them instantly with a registry error fix program. As there are too many registry files contain in the computer system, it is very easy to encounter some registry corrupted or invalid problems for your improper operation on the computer, and these registry problems are the common cause for many error issues on the computer. Therefore, invite a registry error fix applications to scan and fix its related registry issues is often able to help you solve the mscorwks.dll error problem.

[*]One – [URL=""]download and install a professional registry fix program[/URL] on your computer
[*]Two – scan your whole computer system and wait for the scan result
[*]Three – choose all registry errors and activate the fix button

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