How to Fix MSVCR71.DLL error - Instructions to Fix Error on Computer

What’s MSVCR71.DLL?

MSVCR71.DLL is an important file on the computer that contribute its specific functions to the Windows system performance and related program operations, although it is not a conspicuous as other applications on the computer, people cannot randomly remove it from the computer, otherwise, you will encounter some troubles for the use of the computer and those associated applications.

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MSVCR71.DLL error

Many people feel very wondering about the error message like “MSVCR71.DLL is missing” or “MSVCR71.DLL has been corrupted on the computer” displaying on their computers when they try to open one certain program, and the reasons why the computer stop you running the program with such an error message is the required MSVCR71.DLL is unable to be detected and read by either the Windows system or the program. And these situations are all probably the cause of the problem on your PC:

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Negative impacts of the error problem

How can fix MSVCR71.DLL error easily on computer?

Manual solution to fix MSVCR71.DLL error:

Step one - update Windows system

There is a close relation between the effective computer performance and the instant system update, keep your Windows system up to date does not only can optimize the system structure and enhance the effective system operation, but also fix many bugs and shortages in the previous version, which including enhance the compatibility with many DLL files as well as the effectiveness and stability of detecting and reading it on the computer system. If the MSVCR71.DLL error is caused by the outdated Windows system, the problem will be solved after you updating your system to the newest version.

Note: many people often neglect the importance of instantly updating the Windows system on computer, it is very necessary to let the computer system automatically update on your computer.

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Step two - clean out viruses

Malicious virus has more serious destructions on your computer than you think, besides modifying your computer system structure, stealing your confidential information, damaging your important files and programs, it will also create many troubles for the various DLL and EXE files on the computer system, which including damaging, replacing and removing them on PC. Therefore, to fix MSVCR71.DLL error, you should perform a thorough check for your Windows system with an advanced antivirus program, and clean those malicious infected viruses from your PC.

Step three - reinstall the file

If the above two steps cannot help you to fix MSVCR71.DLL error, you will need to install the file on your computer to replace the previously corrupted file or fix the file missing error problem. To reinstall the file, please be cautious that the file should be installed on its default location, and should register it on the Windows system after the installation.

Recommended solution: employ a registry cleaner

Since there are many possible causes of the error occurring on the computer, it is obviously not a good and effective way to fix MSVCR71.DLL error via trying all of possible solutions on the computer, therefore, if you want to solve the error problem in the most effective way, it is highly recommended to use a registry cleaner, which is specially designed in checking the whole computer system and clean all of existed registry issues automatically, it is a professional tool that is able to deal with different kinds of DLL or EXE errors on the computer. To fix MSVCR71.DLL error easily, use a good registry cleaner like Registry Nuke will be the best solution for all computer users.

Steps to fix MSVCR71.DLL error with Registry Nuke:

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